Wait – is it 2017?

Apparently I enjoyed the holidays with my friends and family a bit too much – no activity on this website since November?  Tsk, tsk.  Well, if you haven’t been following along on Facebook or Instagram, here’s a short recap of what The Brewholder’s been up to:

Lazaris straight from the tank!

I visited Boneshire Brewworks – a few miles down the road from Troegs – before their grand opening and I liked what I tasted!  Read about my trip on Philly Beer Scene’s Online Exclusives

I checked out the new menu at The California Pizza Kitchen for Philly Beer Scene – that was a tasty visit!

Prism Brewing moved to Lansdale – here’s my article about it in Ticket.  It’s a great space with lots of potential!

My Elfs on the shelf – yum!

Christmas was helped along with several elfs on my shelfs – read about them in Ticket.

I recapped 2016 in the Beer Year in review article in Ticket

I announced my favorite new beer of the year – Braddock-Pennsylvania, based The Brew Gentlemen General Braddock Pale Ale.  I first ran into this brew at the Meeting of the Malts in March, and then again at the Craft Brewers Conference in May.  Needless to say, a road trip to Braddock in high on my list for 2017!

Goose Island “Sofie” and Karamoor wines during the Chrysos release event in December.

And today you can read about local winery Karamoor Estate’s collaboration with Goose Island Beer Company – “Chrysos” – essentially Goose Island‘s “Sofie” aged for 3 and a half months in Karamoor wine barrels.  Pretty cool that a small winery from the Philly area would be approached by a big brewery like Goose Island.  But don’t get your hopes up – most of the Chrysos is probably gone by this point – only about 4 beer barrels of the brew was made, and it is exclusively served at the Vetri restaurants.  We were told that they are going to keep a keg or two for future events, so keep your eyes open and maybe you’ll be able to try it….Philly Beer Week perhaps?

So now we’re all caught up.  But stayed tuned – 2017 looks to be another great beer year for me, with visits scheduled to Ft. Lauderdale (Funky Buddha, anyone?); St. Petersburg / Tampa, Florida (Cigar City, Angry Chair, Coppertail Brewing); Denver (Do I really need to drop names here?); and Seattle (mic drop)…


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