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I hope there is a beer in front of you as you read this.

I created this site so that I could share my adventures in craft brew with everyone.   I am definitely a beer geek – but through experience, not formal education.   Over the past few years I have attempted to educate myself in the craft brew movement by talking to experts, reading about beer, homebrewing beer, and – of course – tasting as many styles as possible.   But when I was recently asked to write about beer, I realized that I truly enjoy attempting to translate flowing taps into flowing prose.

My philosophy is that there is a time, place, and palate for every beer.  I believe that Michael Jackson said it best:  “To clink glasses of freshly made, seasonal beer, preferably in a pub or garden, with friends and perhaps new acquaintances, is a ritual that makes every participant feel good.  We may not rationalize this at the time, but it gives us a sense of place in our common community and our time in the tides of life on earth.  This is a way to value beer and to treat it with respect.”

This sums up what I believe to be the true essence of the enjoyment of beer.  I believe that there is more to the experience of a great craft brew than the technical aspects of what is in the beer or how it got there.  In my opinion, the environment you are in and the people you share the experience of a craft brew with will directly impact how you perceive the beer.  And we are in quite an amazing era of opportunity for experience!  We are blessed to be living during a time when the art of brewing has exploded and modern brewmasters continue to push the limits in all directions.

If you read something on this site and you catch yourself licking your lips (and trying to determine where the closest tap may be), then I will be satisfied that I have helped contribute to the craft brew movement in some small fashion.   Thanks for taking the time to read my reflections on craft brew and check back often!

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