Forest & Main – Bring Your Own Vinyl

For anyone who’s seen the Beer Hunter Movie, you know the phrase “my local.”  It refers to your local pub – the place that’s convenient, comfortable and tasty.  My local happens to be Forest & Main Brewing Company in Ambler, Pennsylvania.  In operation for a little less than two years, Forest & Main has earned respect in the greater Philadelphia area for its Belgian and English inspired brews.


On my most recent visit, I noticed something missing in the bar area.  The television in the front right corner was gone.  When I asked what inspired the change, I received a response that I should have anticipated – “We took it down because it’s just not us.  It’s not our thing – no one comes here to watch the game.  They come here for the beer.”

I had to agree.  If you’ve been to Forest & Main, you know that it resides in a former Victorian home; the candle lit rooms and hand crafted brews lend themselves more to conversation and music than screaming at struggling Philadelphia sports teams.


And to my pleasant surprise, Forest & Main replaced the television with a record player – yes, a vinyl record player.  Every Wednesday night is now “Bring Your Own Vinyl Night” and patrons are encouraged to share their favorite records.  As I’ve said before, in my opinion, when you have good beer, good music, and good friends, craft brew is fully experienced.  So kudos once again to my local!


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