Victory Brewing Announces Two New Beers For Spring

"I like to ride my bicycle" - and then have a Cage Radler!

“I like to ride my bicycle” – and then have a Cage Radler!

It was a busy week for Victory Brewing Company, as it announced two new beers perfect for the warming temperatures!

First was the “Hoppy White Ale,” a beer brewed exclusively for The Pour House, member of the P.J.W. Restaurant Group.  According to the press release, “Hoppy White Ale will be available by the pint for $5 in all three The Pour House locations. Hand-carved wooden tap handles and branded Hoppy White beer glasses were created to complete the experience. Hoppy White is a full-bodied wheat beer with heavy citrus aromas. At 5.9% ABV it is extremely drinkable and refreshing with orange and earthy hop flavors due to the heavy usage of Citra hops late in the boil.”

On April 15, Victory announced the release of “Cage Radler” a “…light, thirst-quenching lager with a lemony twist serves as a smile and a nod to outdoor enthusiasts and beer lovers alike that the warm weather is here meaning one thing: it’s playtime. The radler, Victory’s newest creation and an ode to the German word for ‘cyclist’, blends a light lager with lemons, resulting in a clean, crisp and thirst-quenching taste.”

From the press release for Radler:

““Addressing our consumers’ thirst for quality and innovation is our pleasure and we expect to deliver plenty of summertime pleasure with this release. Ready to enjoy with all outdoor activities, Cage Radler, delivers quenching flavor and on-the-go convenience with cans as well as bottles,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski.

Radler, the German word for ‘cyclist’, came about on a warm June day in 1922 when Franz Xaver Kugler, the owner of a Bavarian inn, was running out of beer while his bar was occupied by thirsty, demanding cyclists. Thinking on his feet, he added lemon-lime soda to dunkel lager and the tasty result became fondly forever known as the radler.

Today, radlers commonly consist of half-fruit soda, half-beer and are still popular among active drinkers who crave a refreshing, low alcohol beverage on their journey. The perfect toast to spring and summer, Victory’s Cage Radler is made with all natural ingredients. It pours a golden, lemony yellow with an inviting white foam on top. Slightly hazy and entirely rejuvenating, it features fresh, effervescent citrus combined against a light, yet flavorful, body while carefully balancing sharp notes of lemonade and citrusy zest with earthy, grainy characters. Containing Tettnang Mittelfrueh hops and pilsner malts, this good vibe beer also has an easygoing ABV of 3.0%. With the low ABV but intense tanginess, the radler is ideal for cooling down post-activity and can be best enjoyed outside.”

Look for Hoppy White Ale at The Pourhouse locations in North Wales, Exton and Westmont, NJ, and Cage Radler in bars, restaurants and distributors!


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