Book Review – The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight

Craft beer fans – how many pounds and inches do you think you’ve added due to your passion for brew?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue to drink beer and not gain weight?  Wow!  When I cracked open Gary Greenberg’s “The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not again Weight” I was very excited to find the answer!  

Are the answers all here?  Of course not – each beer drinker is an individual with a myriad of unique health conditions; a boilerplate approach would not work for everyone.  But the information Greenberg provides is definitely food for thought – exercise, eating habits, mental health, and your approach to the intake of your favorite malt beverage all can work together to decrease its negative health effects.

The Beer Diet is an easy read and encourages us craft beer fanatics to really think about our choices – so that we can hopefully continue to enjoy beer for a long time to come!  The Beer Diet is available on Amazon in Kindle format, and paperback will be released soon.


The Brewholder

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